Whistle While You Work


The emphasis with this service is to assist you in creating the best possible working climate for your employees.  A typical employees usually responds very well to an eco system that presents a ambiance of positive energy.  Our expert consultants can assist and train your key management personnel in office ergonomic office set up, energy direction and amplification, sound stimulation and proper equipment for your work force. 



It’s not only enough to have your office in the best strategic location, it is also important that your target market knows the 5 W’s about you. Who, What, When, Where and Why.  These are basic principles of online Marketing.   With over 66 years of combined experience, TenaCrea Group specialist know all the elements to effective social media campaigns, SEO and creation of applications for Android and Apple platforms, web presence (website design) for startup’s and/or established businesses

The Office QuarterBack


This service is offered as training for your key management personnel.  Employees tend to base their work experience on their relationship with management personnel.  Our methods of training eliminate the employee perception of "Corporate America" is has the stereo type of plastic smiles, false affection and the energy of the "dead end job" principle.  The goal is to instill a sense of comradery and family in a work organization; bringing in the human factor.

It's All About YOU!


While we have our base services, your organization may be faced with very specific issues.  Our consultants are experts in physiology and there is very little that we have not seen.  Whether it is prep for a major event, or moving your office to a new location; whatever your situation is, we can help advise on the best, most efficient and employee friendly method by which to achieve your company objectives.   

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